Guidance and Counseling

The counseling program at Hillside Elementary School is geared at guiding the students to be more productive in the classroom when the students are faced with daily issues that become a problem to their learning.  Ms.Muñoz, the school counselor, makes it a priority to be available for the students during these times. She provides services to the individual student, a group of students, and has monthly didactic lessons with the entire classroom to help with everyday issues. Some topics covered in these sessions are bullying, friendship,  kidnapping or luring, self-esteem, differences in people, manners, character, peer pressure, drug awareness, careers, divorces, and death to mention a few.


Our deaf education students are also fortunate to have a counselor , Ms. Sarah Hernandez, who will stop by to see the deaf population as needed.


Hillside students and their parents are encouraged to talk with the school counselor about school-related issues, programs that the school has, academic concerns, and the guidance curriculum by visiting the school or by calling 587-2560.