Clubs and Activities

In order to accomplish the goal of a well-rounded student, there are a variety of clubs and activities at Hillside Elementary that students can choose. Hillside Elementary directly sponsors the following: Singing/Signing choir, bell choir, watt watchers, and studio as well as yearbook photographers. There is also a Boy Scout and Girl Scout troop that meets at Hillside Elementary.

Bell choir: The bell choir is sponsored by Ms. Kathy Hernandez and performs a traditional holiday program of music. The group is comprised of 5th graders who volunteer to perform on the bells. 


Recycling: The recycling program is sponsored by Mr. Moreno and Ms. Irma Fuentes and is in charge of gathering recycled paper from every classroom and placing it in a container that is then submitted to the City of El Paso’s recycling program. The program is comprised of 5th graders who volunteer to collect the materials from each classroom.


Signing/Signing choir: The choir is headed by three co-directors: Ms. Veronica Martinez, Ms. Deidre Minton and Ms. Isabel Montes. The choir has been in existence for 15 years and has performed all over the City of El Paso. The choir performs an assortment of Seasonal music both vocally and also in sign language. The choir is the only elementary school in the area that performs in this manner. The choir includes students that are hearing-impaired and non-hearing impaired.


Studio: The studio is sponsored by Mr. Raul Monarrez and is responsible for the morning broadcast of announcements and other important information. The studio performs this task Monday through Friday every morning, with 5 different news crews. Each news crew learns the responsibility of reading the days announcements, broadcasting in clear, loud voice and the timing and direction needed to work as a team to bring the morning news to faculty, staff, and students.


Watt Watchers: The Watt Watchers program is sponsored by Ms. Suzanne Valencia, librarian. The program is designed to encourage energy efficiency by reminding staff to turn off lights and by issuing reminders to those staff members who leave a room and do not turn off lights. The program is comprised of 5th grade who volunteer for the program.


Yearbook Photographers: The yearbook photographers are sponsored by Rebecca Hernandez, orchestra teacher. The yearbook photographers are called upon school wide occasions to take pictures of these events for the yearbook. The students learn how to create a goal and work to achieve it by determining which pictures are needed and ensuring that they are placed into the yearbook.