Campus Angels

Partners In Education


We are very fortunate to have the community involved in the children’s education and partnering with businesses in the community has helped Hillside School with fund raisers, presenters, and other activities, and in return, we hope Hillside has helped these partners excel in providing for the community.


Our Partners in Education are :


     Burger King- 6085 Montana Avenue, El Paso, Texas (915) 779-5400

Pizza Patron-4902 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79903 » Map (915) 562-4111


McDonald’s -1515 Airway Boulevard  El Paso, TX 79925  (915) 778-1440


     Little Caesar’s  Pizza-5110 Montana Avenue, El Paso, TX (915) 779-8383

Albertson’s- 5200 Montana Avenue  El Paso, TX 79903 (915) 778-8996


Other Great Supporters of Hillside School include:  


Peter Piper Pizza                       



Girl Scouts                                

Boy Scouts of America

Loretto Academy



When you visit, don’t forget to thank them for all they do for your children’s school.