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Welcome to Kindergarten

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Hi! My name is Mrs. Lopez and I am excited about this school year! I have taught all Elementary level grades, but Kindergarten is by far my favorite. This year we will learn over 80 sight words. We will learn how to interpret narrative and expository texts and gain a great love for reading! With our math tools we will learn how to compose and decompose numbers and have a great time in the process. Science is very hands on and we become great explorers! Poetry is most fun when learning how to rhyme and understanding Onomatopoeia! I am a true believer that "parents are teachers as well." We will work together to instill great learning ethics in our young future leaders. I look forward to working with you and your student to make this year a great, fun learning experience. As a team, we can do anything!

Here's looking forward to a GREAT
2015 - 2016 Kindergarten year!

Go Kinder!

Conference Period: 9am - 9:45am